13 Great Road Trips For A Passionate Traveller

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Trails of India
13 Great Road Trips For A Passionate Traveller

India has the second largest road network in the world. The national and state highways make up for the majority of the aesthetic. Share your memories with us, we’ll make sure the world sees India through your eyes. For a passionate traveler, an open road of any kind is an invitation to go on a road trip. And for those who enjoy traveling offbeat, a road trip is the best way to enjoy the small things throughout your journey. The ingredients for an awesome road trip are:

  • A ride (car, bike, or cycle)
  • Music
  • A camera
  • Cash
  • Friends (for company, optional)

While you focus on making the journey worthwhile, we’ve put together a list of beautiful destinations that make for great road trips for any passionate traveller.

  • Bangalore To Coorg:

One of the most beautiful road trips to take in India, the road is pretty smooth throughout, and the destination is worth the drive. Taking a deviation beyond Srirangapatna will save 30 minutes of your drive bypassing Mysore, but it is recommended you take the long route and enjoy the drive. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is the first tourist attraction you’ll come across, after driving for about 3 hours.

Time: 5:30 Hours

Distance: 242Km

Main highway: NH275

  • Bangalore To Munnar:

While some travellers prefer taking a bus or train to Coimbatore and then a car to Munnar, driving the entire journey gives you a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty along the way. Frequent fliers suggest leaving Bangalore early, possibly by 4-5am, to avoid traffic and reach Munnar by afternoon.

Time: 9 hours

Distance: 477 Km

National Highway: NH7

  • Delhi To Agra To Jaipur:

Popularly known as the Golden Triangle, it is one of the most sought-after tours of North India. It gives you the chance to explore the grandeur of 2 entirely different empires of India. Spoiler alert: The Taj Mahal isn’t the only place to visit in Agra.

Time: 7 hours

Distance: 447 Km

National Highway: NH93, NH8

  • Chennai To Pondicherry:

Pro tip: The ECR (East Coast Road) is one of the best roads to cruise on. It is well laid, well-lit and a well-marked toll road from Chennai to Pondicherry, and will save you at least half an hour compared to the other route via Tindivanam.

Time: 3:30 hours

Distance: 158 Km

National Highway: East Coast Road

  • Kolkata To Kumaon:

The road is not as bad as you expect, the food is better than you expect, and don’t miss the deodar trees and the many temples at Jageswar.

Time: 24 hours

Distance: 1,409 Km

National Highway: NH2

  • Delhi To Mussoorie:

If you are taking the route via Dehradun, you’re better off eating before you leave since there is nothing out of the ordinary along the route, besides a break for coffee at Meerut. However, try leaving early to avoid traffic.

Time: 6:40 hours

Distance: 281 Km

National Highway: NH58

  • Kolkata To Puri:

This is one drive you will definitely remember for a very long time, with ancient caves, iconic temples, and unparalleled natural sceneries that will take your breath away. However, it is recommended that you drive during the day as a few stretches are a bit tricky.

Time: 8:15 hours

Distance: 497 Km

National Highway: NH16

  • Kolkata To Digha:

If you have always wanted to enjoy a sumptuous spread of seafood and enjoy a chilled beer as you watch the sun set, this road trip is for you.

Time: 3 hours

Distance: 180 Km

National Highway: NH6

  • Jaipur To Ranthambore:

Every year, herds of people flock to Ranthambore hoping to spot a tiger or two if they’re lucky. The uneven stretch of road can be avoided if you take the route via Tonk.

Time: 4:30 hours

Distance: 180 Km

National Highway: SH24, NH11

  • Guwahati To Tawang:

The road to temples and monks and happiness couldn’t be more beautiful. This is one roadtrip your bike won’t forget. Whether it is the Bum La Pass or Sela Lake, the beauty and the breeze makes the entire trip divine. However during winters the snow and fog greatly reduce visibility and make the drive dangerous.

Time: 14:30 hours

Distance: 566 Km

National Highway: NH52, NH229

  • Ahmedabad To Kutch:

“Kutch Nahi Dekha Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha” wasn’t just a catchphrase. The beautiful stretch of the white horizons and the beautiful roads like the one just before Dholavira make it one of the most beautiful routes in the country.

Time: 7:30 hours

Distance: 454 Km

National Highway: NH8A

  • The Silk Route:

The historical lifeline of trade and tradition, the Silk route stretches from Gangtok to the Nathang Valley in Sikkim. If you wish to retrace the steps of the earliest traders in the country, take the silk route. Make sure you stop to talk to the locals, to go a few layers deeper into their culture.

Time: 1:50 hours

Distance: 68.2 Km

National Highway: NH31A

  • Dehradun To Nainital:

Anyone who travels to the Himalayas once finds themselves drawn back again and again. Through hills, valleys, streams, and lakes, the route to Nainital is breathtaking to say the least.

Time: 6:30 hours

Distance: 278 Km

National Highway: NH74

While it is important to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of nature, you will find a lot of beautiful places that’ll bring your Instagram profile to life. Share your memories with us, we’ll make sure the world sees India through your eyes.

Safe driving!

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