11 Types Of People You Have Definitely Traveled With

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11 Types Of People You Have Definitely Traveled With

Road trips don’t happen often, but when they do… YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Road trips are fun with large groups, and it’s a totally different experience when your group has the most diverse types of people. Here are some types of people you have definitely traveled with on one or more road trips:

1. The Driver: The most underrated person on the trip. Of course, mostly, you drive in turns, but there is always one person who ends up driving more than half of the journey. This person owns the car you’re going by and was the one who planned the entire trip in the first place. But although their plan has been altered completely, they’re still having a lot of fun.

2. The DJ: This person has taken the time to sit for weeks before the trip and plan out an entire playlist for the drive, the stops, the drive back, and the possibility that you encounter an alien life form. Granted most of the songs they play won’t sound familiar, but they’re still pretty rad!

3. The Kumbhkaran: Okay this person is found not just on road trips, but even on the shortest cab rides to the mall. The minute the car hums to life, this person goes straight to dream land. And no amount of coffee can help (trust me, we tried).

4. The Insomniac: If the Kumbhkaran is one end of the spectrum, the insomniac is the other end. God forbid they sleep for even a moment and miss out on 10 minutes of the journey. ‘Sleep is for babies’ is their motto. They are over-enthusiastic, over hyped, and sometimes a bit overly annoying. But then without them, the trip really seems lifeless. So all you do is ignore the insensitive jokes and try to let some of their positive energy rub off on you.

5. The Fool Proof Planner: This person calls ‘shotgun!’ before anyone else has a chance. Rightly so, because they have the entire road and every shortcut mapped out, along with all the dhabas, and photography locations

6. The Selfie Queen: … And where there’s a background, there’s a camera crazed person dying to be clicked. This person has an amazing Instagram feed, and a slightly bugging nature. They can make 300 poses in 30 seconds, but they also give you hacks to look 5 kg lighter in all your pictures. They remind you to take pictures of your memories every step of the way.

7. The Road Trip God: God’s gift to humanity! That’s what this person thinks of himself/herself. They make you wait 30 minutes under their house before the trip starts, then freaks out at the smallest inconvenience. Dhabas? Too unhygienic. Stopping for pictures? What if we get mugged? Just a casual chat? You guys don’t laugh at my jokes you’re not my friends! Yeah, you know who we’re talking about.

8. The Party Pooper: This person is the only one strictly sticking to the schedule. Which isn’t really a good thing. Spontaneous sights and stops are a normal part of every trip, but try explaining that to the party pooper! He/ she makes a fuss at the shortest delays, is constantly calculating time/ speed/ distance/ Eisenhower’s principle, and is more concerned about the schedule than the beautiful scenery. So what if he’s the Dalai Lama; we should have been at the hotel 3 minutes ago!!

9. The Frequent Stopper: This person hates the party pooper more than anyone, and vice versa. Whether it’s regular bathroom breaks or running out of cigarettes, this person makes twice the number of stops as required. I know we said spontaneous sights and stops are important, but there is something about going overboard that the frequent stopper doesn’t understand.

10. The Laid back Guy: An old soul, you often forget they’re there. The laidback guy can be seen chilling in the backseat, not really making demands and eating whatever gets passed around. He has more going on in his head than outside, so leave them alone except the occasional interaction.

11. The Group Mom/ Dad: The most important person, and the Party Pooper’s best friend. The group mom doesn’t really intrude, except they keep reminding you of the problems you left behind for this trip! “Don’t eat more than one, you have a doctor’s appointment when we go back.”Don’t go too far what if you fall off the cliff and die?” At every point you read, you already had a picture in your mind didn’t you? Share this blog with all your road trip buddies, and let them know which category they fall in.

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