10 Offbeat Things To Do If You Are Travelling To Mumbai

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10 Offbeat Things To Do If You Are Travelling To Mumbai

‘The city that never sleeps”, Mumbai, was originally an island archipelago of seven. It consisted of the islands of Little Colaba, Worli, Parel, Mazagaon, Colaba, Mahim, and Bombay. This island archipelago has seen many changes in eras. From that of the Mughals to the Marathas, to the Portuguese and then to the Brits, this culturally and artistically inclined city has the flavors of many ethnicities amalgamated into one. Even though it is famous for its homegrown Bollywood movies, from visiting its temple caves to sights within the city, here a few of Mumbai’s offbeat destinations

Hansabad Dargah

This architectural marvel is famously known as Mumbai’s Taj Mahal. This beautiful white and blue stone structure is a mausoleum.It contains the remains of Shah Hasan Ali Shah who was also known as the First Aga Khan. Situated in Mazagaon, it is not much popular and is a must visit for all the travelers.

Gilbert Hill

The Gilbert Hill is actually a monolithic structure which stands 200 feet tall. It offers a visual treat to its visitors with stunning 360-degree views of the whole city. The basalt structure was formed sixty-five million years ago when molten lava froze. The hillock also houses two temples on its top. One dedicated to Goddess Durga and the other one dedicated to Goddess Gaondevi.

Banganga Reservoir

This historical reservoir is in the Malabar hills at the Walkeshwar Temple Complex. Less frequented by locals, it is a properly maintained sweetwater reservoir of historical significance. Legend has it that Ram’s brother, Lakshman, shot an arrow in the ground which resulted in the formation of this Reservoir.   

Bird Spotting at Sewri Viewpoint

The Sewri jetty in South Mumbai is a must visit for all the bird lovers during the winter months. Migratory birds from all over the world flock here during the winter months. This place is a sure treat to the eyes with incredible picturesque sights of long-distance migratory birds such as pink flamingos from Siberia, black-bellied terns, great spotted eagles, barn swallows, herons, and sandpipers to name a few.

Global Vipassana Pagoda

Right next to the world famous amusement park Essel World is the lesser-known but equally visually enticing Global Vipassana Pagoda. This stunning monument is dedicated to the teaching of Lord Gautam Buddha and is as a meditation centre by Buddhist monks.

Offbeat Activities:


Experience the thrill and the excitement of being a detective by visiting the Escapology escape game room at R City Mall. The aim of the game is to escape the different rooms, within 60 minutes, by solving mysteries.

Go sailing in the Arabian Sea.

The harbors in and around Mumbai offer some spectacular deals where enthusiastic sailors can hire boats and go sailing in the calm waters of the Arabian Sea.

Visit Flight 4 Fantasy

For all those Top Gun fans, here is your opportunity to fly your own F-16. Flight 4 Fantasy in Phoenix Market City offers this unique privilege to adrenaline addicts. Unfortunately, it shall only be a simulation but one of the most realistic simulations that you will ever experience.

Air Balloon Safari

At a stone throw’s distance from Mumbai, is the beautiful and picturesque location of Lonavala. Offering spectacular view thanks to the Western Ghats, this place has a magic of its own which is best enjoyed from the air in a hot air balloon. Look for Sky Waltz’s Air Balloon Safari to experience this wonder yourself.

Jet skiing in the bay

The bay area is home to many such adventure sports places which offer various sports such as jet skiing on the calm waters of the Arabian Sea.

The ancient wonder is filled with adventures in each and every road waiting to be explored by a traveler just like you!

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