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Trails of India is an exclusive platform for people who love cars, bikes, road trips, & travelling. After every road trip you take, you leave behind a trail of memories and adventures that become a part of you. And the stories you create and discover along your journeys are too good to be kept to yourself. We also share your love for fast cars and thundering bikes, for zooming and cruising, for burning tyres and rumbling engines. Trails of India gives you a platform for your amazing stories, shared among travellers across India to enable you to connect, share details of your journey, see your adventure through another perspective, and take precautions on future trips. You also get to exchange notes on bikes, cars, and automobiles, get upgrades and custom options from the experts among us, and find the right gadgets and apparel for when you hit the road. Trails of India brings you the best machines, landscapes, videos, pictures, blogs, and stories of travellers behind the wheel across India, for you to enjoy, relive, and share.