5 Basic Riding Gear That Complete Your Bike Riding Kit



Motorbikes have always been attractive to both men and women alike either because of its sleek look/design or for the speed it can achieve or simply, for both. But with great speed, comes great responsibilities- to keep your life out of danger. Basic discipline and guidance and obviously, putting on proper riding gear is required for riding a motorbike safely.
A few things have to be considered before you can set upon to buy and make your own bike riding kit. Always have a planned out budget. Aim for gears which will help you in all the seasons. Style does matter but, utility matters more.

Here is a list of 5 basic gears that will complete your bike riding kit.

  • Helmet
    A helmet is the most important part of the bike riding kit as it protects the most important part of our body- our head. Always look for and buy sturdy helmets which are up to the quality standard. Secondly, the helmet should fit your head perfectly when you wear it and should not suffocate you when you wear it. Always look for scratch free visors and preferably, buy the transparent visors as dark coloured visors should not be worn when you are riding at night.


  • Jacket
    Jackets protect your body when you ride, mostly from the weather. Always purchase riding jackets from walk-in stores and not online because the fittings might not match up to your expectations. There is a huge range of motorcycle riding jackets which are available broadly into two categories- Leather and Mesh jackets. Be sure that the jacket has certified armors to protect you when comes the need. It should be of a bright colour and should also have reflective material. The utility of the jacket increases when you purchase an all-weather jacket.


  • Gloves
    Gloves are also made of the same materials as that of the jacket- either of leather or of mesh. Leather gloves are preferable as they provide with the protection of your knuckles. Mesh gloves; on the other hand, provides proper ventilation during the rides under rains. Yes, the gloves should be padded well for safety and protection but, make sure that you are able to use your palms, fingers, freely while riding and should not hinder you from controlling the bike.


  • Lower Wear (Pants)
    Riding pants are different from average pants. They are supposed to be made of more thick fabrics and materials. They should be loose enough and should provide proper ventilation while riding your bike.


  • Footwear (Boots)
    A good pair of boots always makes your ride safer and comfortable. This is the last thing you need to complete your riding kit. Always try to look for properly armored and padded leather boots with flat soles as they are the best ones available in the market which provides you with the comfort and the safety.



Thus, the above mentioned 5 riding gears will help you to have a safe and comfortable ride. There are, obviously, many other things which could be made into an addition to your kit. Be wise and smart while purchasing these goods. And finally, have a safe ride!


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