10 motorcycle riding tricks you don’t know, yet

Having a motorcycle is a big responsibility and it tends to increase when you are on the roads of India, which are mostly filled with traffic and a few irresponsible pedestrians. You always have to be attentive of your surroundings and look out for any signs of danger. Here is a list of a 10 motorcycle riding tricks you don’t
know, yet.

  • Engine Braking
    Now, many of you might not know about the method of braking. It’s not actually a brake per se, but they do act as one. This method can be called as a third brake in the motorbike. It might sound easy but, like all other skills, this too has to be practiced.


  • Back Brake Dragging
    This is a very useful trick when you’re stuck in a really slow traffic jam where you have to constantly move almost at walking pace which will help you to keep the bike in balance and prevent it from wobbling and falling down. This will enable you to maintain your balance even if you’re on a heavy bike.


  • Rev Matching
    This method will help your bike to slow down to a complete halt. All you have to do is to pull in the clutch and rev the bike slightly, enough to get about 7RPMs and downshift the gear. Now, release the clutch which will stop the bike without a jolt.


  • Making Smart Turns
    When you are on the road heading towards a blind corner, unsure if the turn will lead to a narrow road or to an opening; this small technique will help you with that problem. While riding towards the corner, if you look at the point of the horizon where both the sides of the road appear to meet and if you find the corner is moving away from you, the road is actually an opening and if the corner appears to move towards you, it will lead to a narrow road.


  • Tail Brakes
    Tail brakes, if used smartly can help you to get a safe and a faster way of cornering. All you have to do is to apply the brakes a little late when you are at the corner which will enable you to take a turn still being on the brakes.


  • Do Not Use Clutch for up shifts
    This is a very easy method which will enable you to perform much smoother and fast shifts. Apply light upward pressure on the lever and allow the gear to slip slightly and right then open it back up.


  • Counter steering
    Unconsciously, we all do this but, when you actually practice this, it will increase your control over your bike enabling you to taking smoother turns.


  • Look Before You Go
    Always keep an eye out for obstacles, sharp turns and or diverting lanes. Always  be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use of Your Knees
    The tank being between your knees, grip it firmly between them by which you’ll be able to be in control while you’re about to apply the brakes. This will surely save you from flying head first into the ground.
  • Smart Use of Brakes
    It is always advised to not to apply a fistful of brakes when you have to stop. Always be gentle with the brakes.
    Always practice the skills so that you can master them. This will also help you to improve your hand-eye coordination and enrich your riding experience to the next level!

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